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Turkey Frees Nationalist After Attack On US Sailors!

admin | 15 Kasım 2014 | Son dakika

turkey-us-soldier-attack-videoSixteenByNine540Turkey on Thursday freed without questioning or charges 12 radical nationalist protesters who attacked three US sailors in the centre of Istanbul in an assault that alarmed the American military. Several dozen members of Turkiye Genclik Birligi (Turkish Youth Union/TGB) attacked the visiting US sailors on Wednesday afternoon while their vessel the USS Ross was moored in the centre of Istanbul on its way back from exercises in the Black Sea. They threw red dye and sought to force white sacks as hoods on the sailors in the Eminonu district on the Istanbul waterfront, a popular tourist hub. The case of the 12 protesters arrested over the action was referred earlier Thursday to the court of justice in Istanbul, the Dogan news agency said. However they were all later released without charge and without even being questioned by prosecutors, it added. TGB chairman Cagdas Cengiz said outside the courthouse that it was “our duty as Turkish youths” to attack the soldiers. “This protest was a salute to all the oppressed nations. From now on, American soldiers will never have an easy time here. They will not be able to go around freely,” he said, quoted by the Milliyet daily. An MP for the mainstream secular opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) also praised the action. View gallerySeveral hundreds members of the Youth Union of Turkey … Several hundreds members of the Youth Union of Turkey (TGB), a group marked by vehement anti-America … “These young people have done what was necessary. Turks are hospitable but have always sided with the oppressed,” said Suheyl Batum.

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