Want to Buy Petrol-Electric 5+2 Cars and Start Making TOYOTA PRIUS a Production Enters the Last Countdown

With the rise of SUV models, the sales space of MPVs has been squeezed. Japan has previously reported that it will discontinue the production of gasoline-electric 5+2 seat PRIUS α. Hetai Motors said today that in line with the original factory’s global policy, PRIUS α will be released this year. Production will cease in September. As for whether there will be a successor model in the future, it is still unknown. Hotai Motors will launch a 600,000 30 high-value zero interest rate project from now on, so that consumers who love PRIUS α can easily buy into their ideal car models as soon as possible. TOYOTA PRIUS α has been loved by domestic consumers since its introduction in 2015, with a cumulative sales of about 3,000 units. Its seven-seater flexible and large space and excellent fuel consumption of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) make PRIUS α a family buy A great choice when buying a car.
TOYOTA PRIUS α adopts a 5+2 seat setting, giving the car a flexible storage space plan. After the second and third rows of seats are fully stowed, the storage space is very flat, and the maximum storage volume can reach 1,035 liters. It is very convenient for small families with two large and one small family or large families with three generations in the same house. In addition, the roof adopts a panoramic sunroof design, and the rear-seat passengers look up to the broad sky, which not only greatly enhances the texture of the cabin, but also brings a wider sense of space and a more comfortable riding experience. At the same time, in order to release more cabin space, the battery is arranged under the central armrest, so that the comfort of the riding space will not be affected by the battery in the cabin.

TOYOTA PRIUS α is equipped with a 1.8L hybrid electric power (HYBRID) system and an E-CVT electronically controlled continuously variable transmission system. In addition to providing consumers with the most comfortable and quiet driving experience, it also obtains energy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs with an average fuel consumption of 20.0 KM/L It has been awarded the first-level energy efficiency certification by the Bureau, and has been selected into the list of environmentally friendly vehicles of the Environmental Protection Agency of the Executive Yuan every year since 2019, and again demonstrates TOYOTA’s world-leading environmental protection power technology. At the same time, TOYOTA’s general agent Hetai Motors also provides an extended warranty of 8 years or 160,000 kilometers (whichever comes first) for HYBRID batteries, so that consumers can feel more at ease when using the car.

TOYOTA PRIUS α imported from Japan is equipped with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) active safety protection system including “ACC active distance maintaining constant speed system”, “PCS early warning protection system”, “LDA lane deviation warning system”, and “AHB wisdom” Active protection technology such as “Type High Beam Automatic Switching System” and 7 SRS airbags make safety protection more tight. At the same time, in order to allow consumers to have a more convenient driving experience, it is also equipped with a reversing image assistance system and parking assistance radar, so that the driver can fully grasp the situation outside the car during the driving process.

TOYOTA PRIUS α has launched a 600,000 30 high-volume zero interest rate project from now on, inviting consumers to seize the opportunity to take the initiative. In order to allow consumers to enjoy cars with peace of mind, TOYOTA has launched a zero-contact service. Go to TOYOTA’s official website (https://www.toyota.com.tw) to fill in the car purchase consultation form. A sales consultant will actively contact consumers within 24 hours. Talk over the phone or online, and check the car model information on the official TOYOTA website.