14% of the 85,100 Infected with Coronavirus in Spain are Health Professionals

Spanish authorities announced on Monday (30) that almost 12,300 of those infected with the new coronavirus in the country are health professionals. The number is about 14% of the total cases of Covid-19 in the  country, which reached more than 85 thousand confirmations.

Spain has had 812 deaths from Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, the country’s Ministry of Health reported. The number is slightly lower than those of the last two days: on Saturday (28), the country had registered 832 deaths, and on Sunday (29), the highest number so far with 838 deaths.

In all, 7,340 people died for Covid-19 in the Spanish territory. The number is the second largest in the world, only lower than that of Italy – which had 10,779 deaths, according to the Italian Ministry of Health.

Countries with most deaths from Covid-19

Country Deaths
Italy 10,779
Spain 7,340
China 3,311
Iran 2,640
France 2,606
United States 2,516
United Kingdom 1,228
Netherlands 771
Germany 541
Belgium 431
Source: Johns Hopkins University, Ministry of Health of Spain, Ministry of Health of Italy (on March 30)
On Monday, the number of infections with the new coronavirus reached 85,195 in Spain, 6,398 more than those recorded until Sunday, when there were 78,797 cases. The number of records of the disease in Spain is the third largest in the world – behind the United States and Italy.

Countries with more cases of Covid-19

Country Cases
United States 143,055
Italy 97,689
Spain 85,195
China 82,156
Germany 62,435
Iran 38,309
France 40,723
United Kingdom 19,784
Switzerland 14,336
Belgium 10,836
Source: Johns Hopkins University and Spanish Ministries of Health and Swiss Ministry of Health (March 30 at 7:00 am)