2021 Photoresist Market up 11% Year-On-Year to $ 1.9 Billion-TECHCET Forecast

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TECHCET, an electronic materials market research and advisory services company, has announced that the market size of photoresists required for semiconductor manufacturing in 2021 will increase by 11% year-on-year to $ 1.9 billion.

In addition, after the global spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), all major semiconductor manufacturing lines have continued to operate at full capacity, and the company will have a steady photoresist market for at least the next few years. Growth is expected.

Looking at the photoresist market in 2020 and 2021 by resist type, the ones for KrF and the immersion ArF are high, and the other G-line, i-line, and dry ArF are not so large.

Photoresist market
Trends in the size of the photoresist market for semiconductors and future forecasts (Source: TECHCET)

In addition, for EUV, which is indispensable in advanced processes, the range of application is expanding from logic to DRAM. ASML, a manufacturer, manufactured 35 large NXE: 3400 series in 2020, but it is expected that 50 units can be shipped in 2021 due to improved assembly efficiency, and in line with that, the EUV photoresist market in 2021 Doubled year-on-year to over $ 20 million, and will continue to grow, with expectations of over $ 200 million in 2025.

China, which aims to realize semiconductor manufacturing only in the domestic supply chain, is also spending a lot of money on photoresist development (excluding EUV) according to China’s 14th five-year plan announced at the end of October 2020. It has been funded, and some Chinese material manufacturers have already started shipping samples of photoresists and auxiliary materials.

In addition, ASML continues to be unable to ship EUV exposure equipment to China without the permission of the Dutch government, but in response to that, SMIC installed it in the clean room of imec in the form of promoting research collaboration with Belgian imec. It seems that they are accessing EUC exposure equipment, which is being used, and under the export ban on US-made manufacturing equipment that enables manufacturing of less than 10 nm from the US government, only research for miniaturization is looking to the future. There seems to be a move to continue.

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