2021 the Start of the BMW iNEXT

The BMW Vision iNEXT considers the possibilities of autonomous mobility in the near future and presents solutions that are primarily impulsive and emblematic of the BMW Group’s strategic orientation towards the future of individual mobility. The human is the center of attention.

In 2021, a new expression of the joy of driving with the production model BMW iNeXT begins, bringing the strategic innovation fields  of the BMW Group bundled on the road for the first time.

In 2025, the BMW Group will offer 25 models with electrified drive – 12 of them purely electric.

2019: The MINI BEV.
In July 2017, the BMW Group announced that the new all-electric MINI will be a variant of the MINI 3-door. Production of the all-electric MINI model will start in 2019. The powertrain of the all-electric MINI comes from the BMW Group factories Dingolfing and Landshut, the competence centers for e-mobility in the production network. At the BMW Group’s Oxford plant, the powertrain is then integrated into the vehicle.

2020: The production vehicle of the BMW Concept iX3.

The BMW Concept iX3, which was presented for the first time at the Auto China 2018 in Beijing, provides a first outlook: the first purely electrically powered .

BMW has introduced its new flagship: The iNext is a fully electric and highly autonomous driving SUV with a new design.

Although it does not come as a production model until 2021. But so the Munich left the stage not only the competitors Mercedes and Audi, who are celebrating the premieres of their first electric SUVs.

BMW understands the iNext as a big leap – as a «Zukunftsbaukasten» of the group. For example, the driver should be able to leave the steering wheel completely to the car for a long time: “We guarantee Level 3. Technology for Level 4 is already in the car,” said Development Manager Klaus Fröhlich in Munich. This also explains why the car does not go into mass production until 2021: “The challenges of autonomous driving are enormous,” he also emphasized with regard to accidents of other manufacturers. In addition, in the year 2021, batteries will be available for a range of 750 kilometers.

Harald Krüger, CEO of BMW AG, described iNeXT at the BMW AG Annual General Meeting in May 2018 as follows: “The iNEXT project is our future building block from which the entire company and all brands should benefit.”

iNeXT provides answers to the overall question of the daily work of the BMW Group: “What will move us in the future?” iNeXT continues to think consistently about what started with “Project i” in 2007 and continued in 2013 with the market launch of the BMW i3. The BMW Group has already achieved a great deal in this respect: Already today, it can look back on more than 10 years of experience in small and large-scale electromobility, the BMW i models are being continuously developed and their technology will gradually electrify BMW and MINI family vehicles. The next step is now the complete integration of the strategic innovation fields Automated Driving, Connectivity, Electrification and Services (ACES) in one vehicle. The design gives shape to the fields of innovation and answers the question of how we will experience the joy of driving in the future (D + ACES). The vehicle, now called BMW iNeXT, will be launched in 2021.

The BMW Vision iNeXT.
The BMW Vision iNEXT symbolizes the dawn of a new era of driving pleasure. Highly automated, emission-free and fully networked, it integrates the BMW Group’s strategic innovation fields in a vision vehicle for the first time and thus provides trend-setting answers to the question: “What does a vehicle look like that does not need to be driven – but can?” At the center of these considerations More than ever, man stands with his emotions and desires.

The production model BMW iNEXT will be built from 2021 onwards as the new technology flagship at the Dingolfing plant, bundling the strategic innovation fields (D + ACES) of the BMW Group for the first time.

The BMW iNeXT shows in the form of a forward-looking vision vehicle exactly what the BMW iNeXT looks like. “Individual mobility is facing major changes,” explains Klaus Fröhlich, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG for Development. “The possibilities of autonomous driving and progressive networking enable completely new experiences and possibilities on the way to make the trip. Accordingly, we designed the all-electric BMW Vision iNEXT as a mobile space of quality of life – as a new “favorite place” where we can be self-determined and relaxed. After all, the human being with its needs and wishes for mobility will continue to be the focus of all aspirations of BMW in the future, “continues Fröhlich.

Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design, summarizes the design approach: “BMW i’s job is to generate creative and groundbreaking ideas that change the way we think about mobility.
The BMW Vision iNEXT is another big step in the path of this transformation, showing how intelligent vehicles can make our lives easier and more beautiful. ”

The exterior – modern elegance, self-assured.
The size and proportions of a modern Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) from BMW give the BMW Vision iNEXT a sovereign appearance. The clearly readable shapes and surfaces convey his forward-looking character at first glance. The effective paint and elaborate details further reinforce this impression: The exterior color Liquid Gray Rose Copper draws a course of warm copper to dark rose and gives the vehicle even when stationary dynamics.

The large, interconnected double kidney, the iconic side window graphics and the blue accent surfaces in front, side and rear show at first glance the BMW i design idiom, which was already featured in the 2017 BMW i Vision Dynamics. Once the vehicle is unlocked, the blue accents light up and underline the striking lines of the vehicle. Glass surfaces such as the large windows or the luminaires are seamlessly integrated.

Double kidney and four-eyed face give identity.
In the center of the front sits the large, vertical double kidney. It is closed as with all electrically powered vehicles. Since no cooling is necessary for an internal combustion engine, the kidney serves as an intelligence surface, in which various sensors are installed. A 3D printed pattern represents the underlying technology. Very narrow headlights indicate the BMW typical four-eyed face in a modern interpretation. The windshield merges seamlessly into a large panoramic roof, so that the vehicle body appears light and the innovative interior is already clearly visible from the outside.

Modern appearance with counter-opening doors.
In the side view, the BMW Vision iNEXT shows the powerful, solid state of a modern SAV from BMW.

Hülya Karahan: The Founder

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