25 Million People Use Social Media Sites in Iraq

The Digital Media Center in Iraq revealed that 25 million Iraqis are using social media sites in the country. Explained that “there is a clear increase in the number of active social media users  this year compared to last year, the number of social media users during this year reached 25 million active users, an increase of 4 million users from last year according to the latest statistics of my institution.

The center pointed out that “there are 20 million users on the” Facebook “platform, 13 million active users on” Instagram “, 11.25 million users on” Snapchat “, and 1.30 million users of” Twitter “. And 1.20 users of the “LinkedIn” network, in addition to 17 million users of “Facebook Messenger.” And he continued, “The number of Internet users in Iraq has reached 30.52 million users by the year 2021, an increase of 700 thousand users from last year.”

The center attributed “the increase in the number of users of all platforms due to the repercussions of the” Corona “pandemic and the closure and embargo that Iraq has witnessed to face this crisis and the transformation of the sales, purchase, study, work and other processes to social media.


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