“International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women”

Hülya Karahan: Production Editor


Violence against women and girls is a serious violation of fundamental rights. Its consequences on the physical, sexual and mental health of women and girls are multiple; they can be immediate or long-term, and include death. Violence has negative effects on the overall well-being of women and prevents them from participating fully in social life. The harmful consequences of violence affect not only women, but their families, communities and countries. In addition, the costs of violence are very high, resulting in higher spending on health care and legal costs as well as lost productivity. This has an impact on national budgets, and more generally on development.

Dozens of years of mobilization of civil society and women’s movements have put the elimination of gender-based violence high on the list of national and international priorities. An unprecedented number of countries have laws against domestic violence, sexual assault and other forms of violence. However, many challenges remain in enforcing these laws so that women and girls can enjoy security and justice. Prevention initiatives are inadequate, and acts of violence often go unpunished.

Hülya Karahan Editor in Chief of istanbulpost.com.tr asked women issues, Former Federal Justice also Minister of Germany (1998/2002), Bundestag member and  Chairwoman of the Justice Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council Prof. Dr. Herta Daubler-Gmelin. Karahan also discussed the issue of women with the main opposition party CHP former vice president and Associate Professor Selin Sayek Böke.