5 Small Ways to Exercise Willpower

1. 10 minutes of meditation

Meditation is the most effective of all willpower training. Through meditation, you can train your brain’s concentration and resist the urge to wander. Studies have shown that if you practice meditation for 10 minutes for 3-4 days, you will be able to concentrate more, gain more energy, and relieve stress at the same time.

2. Adjust posture

When testing whether willpower can be strengthened, the researchers asked a group of participants to adjust their posture for two weeks. Whenever they slacken and want to get down, adjust their posture and sit upright. This simple approach greatly improved their willpower. If you want to start, too, sit up straight as soon as you feel lazy at work or at home. This sounds simple, but if you have to sit upright, it will test your will. Most people can’t hold on for ten minutes or even a few minutes. Every time you do this, it is equivalent to stretching the muscles of your willpower.

3. Write a diet diary

A study found that writing a diet diary can help exercise and improve willpower. Most of us have not recorded our eating habits, so it takes a certain amount of perseverance to do it. Similar records are also useful. It is recommended to start the next simple diet APP to help you record. It only takes two weeks to improve your ability to resist temptation, which requires a lot of courage.

4. Use non-dominant hand

Just like adjusting your posture, try to use your backhand when you want to do something. The brain is more sensitive to your dominant hand. If you want to use the backhand, you need to rely on your willpower. First, you need to use your non-dominant hand most of the day. But do not use this method for more than an hour at a time, otherwise you will be overly fatigued.

5. Change the mantra

Another test is to change your way of speaking, including the swear words you often use, or use “Hello” instead of “Hey”. Similarly, this requires your willpower to overcome your instincts. First of all, you need to think about how you want to change the words in your speech. For example, I changed the habit of using abbreviations at work, such as replacing “this way”. It also only takes two weeks to see results.

To cultivate willpower, every obstacle to be overcome is inseparable from willpower; for example, it is believed that most people want to quit smoking, but they can’t quit. This is the performance of lack of willpower, facing the execution For every difficult decision, we rely on inner strength. In fact, willpower is not a characteristic that is born or impossible to change, it is a skill that can be cultivated and developed.

The dictionary interprets “willpower” as “the power to control people’s impulses and actions”, the most important of which are the words “control” and “power”. “Power” exists objectively, and the problem is how to “control” it.