5G, the Gateway to the US Telecom Cloud Giants

Amazon, Microsoft or Google could become “must-haves” even for operators, warns a report from the National Research Technology Association.

National Association of Research Technologies (ANRT), published Tuesday, April 27. In fact, this new mobile standard could penetrate the television market of American giants “Sky” such as Amazon, Microsoft or Google, alert this association which brings together 370 private companies and French public structures. Online hosting guides worldwide “Made 5G one of their tools of conquest” and “Their assets and abundant computer skills are among the essential resources, including for telecom operators”, met a keep the report.

If the 5G brand is a “Breaking Up”, it’s for a technical reason, the authors explain. Telecommunications networks “Informant”: certain functions provided by material equipment are inactive “Virtualized”, it is managed by the calculators. EC change gap “Disrupting” the industrial data value chain.

Risk of favoring their own services
Amazon, Microsoft and Google are well positioned on two levels. Their knowledge can be found in software and data centers can be useful in piloting 5G telecommunications networks. In addition, their business services activity can be promoted in markets that will open up 5G around new digital uses: autonomous cars, Internet of Things or industrial computers, for controlling users, for example.

Addition of 5G as “New“ cordon to their arc ””, the dominant cloud players “Strengthen their market power”. And “Can not be considered as competitors like the others” car “The domination comes with risks of anti-competitive practices (authorization and differentiated behavior”), tries. For example, CES leaders may favor their services that use 5G, or those of their customers. Take advantage of their access to data on telecom networks to refine their offers.

To prevent risks, the report predicts from “Rendering audit controls platforms” to couple “An independent competent authority”. These will ensure the security of cloud services, but also their quality or interoperability, which means the ability to change providers or use more. These requirements could be specified in the European initiative Gaia-X Cloud or in the draft regulation of the European law on digital markets, according to the authors.