How to Improve Work Efficiency at Home

Big companies have finally realized that hiring freelancers is the general trend: allowing employees to work from home can improve their work efficiency and happiness. According to the statistics of the global workplace data analysis website, the proportion of non-self-employed people working at home has doubled compared with the past ten years. In addition, companies can save an average of $11,000 in salary costs per year by hiring employees who work from home, and 70% of companies say that employees working from home improve their company’s productivity.

However, the high efficiency of remote work at home depends to a large extent on the improvement of the home office environment. Regardless of whether you have been working at home for many years or are still new to this working model, if a person wants to work efficiently at home, must first have a well-arranged and ingenious home working environment. Here are 7 simple ways to improve your home office environment.

1.Keep the room tidy

Too messy things in the room will distract your attention and affect your emotions subtly. Keep the room tidy and see what irrelevant things need to be removed in your office, paying particular attention to the tidiness of the desk. Make reasonable use of folders and desk supplies storage boxes to make these office supplies easy to access without blocking the line of sight and occupying no space.

Tip: If your office is small, it is a good way to organize things with a combination of shelves and wall storage bags.

2. Cultivate personal style

You will stay in the office most of the time, so creating a positive atmosphere makes a lot of sense for yourself. First, we have to build a well-defined home office, and then add some decorations that can keep you positive in the office. Whether it’s cute pet photos, positive sayings, or souvenirs from vacation, even when you are in the worst mood, these carefully selected things will always allow you to work efficiently in a positive atmosphere.

Tips: Working at home requires you to concentrate and be creative. Changing the color of the office is very useful for this. This conclusion comes from ample psychological evidence: for example, white stimulates your imagination, while blue will keep you calm and focused.

3. Improve office lighting

Lighting is an important factor in improving work efficiency, but it is often overlooked. The dim light in the office not only makes the eyes tired, but also makes people drowsy, which has a negative impact on personal emotions. In addition to adjusting the lamps on the ceiling to brighten the office, it is also important to make full use of the desk lamps. The desk lamp can ensure that your desk or other work area is bright, improve your mentality, and improve work efficiency at the same time.

Tips: The LED dimming system is simple to use, energy-saving and efficient. It can adjust the brightness of the work area according to the change of light in a day.

4. Update technical equipment

People who work at home rely heavily on technical equipment, which means that maintaining advanced equipment is the most important factor in efficient work. Maybe the printer is out of date, or the software memory is too large. No matter what the problem is, you’d better take time to check your home office equipment and update these necessary tools in time. Many new technology products are released every year, so be sure to keep up with the technological trend in order to truly improve your working environment.

Tips: You may not realize it, but slow network communication will indeed reduce your work efficiency. If your network communication is poor, remember to test the network speed.

5. Adjust the position of the computer screen

Bending over in front of the computer every day will strain the body and cause a series of neck and back diseases. Elevating the position of the notebook with a computer stand, or raising the display screen of a desktop computer to a position suitable for the line of sight, can reduce these problems. When you don’t have to worry about your health, you will be surprised to find how pleasant it is to work.

Tips: Buy a high-quality office chair that is beneficial to the human lumbar spine. It can make your long working hours more comfortable. Or, if you want your office to have fitness functions, you can use a fitness ball to strengthen your core muscles.

6. Some music

A large number of studies have shown that listening to some specific music can improve work efficiency, creativity and memory. With this in mind, you can consider buying a high-quality audio and using apps like online music to download some music to cope with different tasks. Cheerful music is suitable for boring work, and soothing music is more suitable for creative work.

Tips: Don’t play music with lyrics, it will distract you. It is best to choose some natural sounds, such as the sound of running water and the sound of waves.

7. Add some plants

Putting some plants in the office will make the office warm and pleasant. Potted plants are also very good at purifying air and supplying oxygen-British ivy and radish have a particularly strong purifying ability. If you are not good at gardening, you can choose some plants that are good to feed, such as cacti and succulents.

Tips: Putting a pot of lavender next to your desk is also an aromatherapy. Lavender fragrance can reduce stress and enhance positive energy.

Even if you are a veteran working at home, creating a comfortable home office environment may be a bit difficult. Try these simple methods and find out which is most useful to you. It won’t take long for you to work in a home office full of vitality. A good working environment will make you more efficient and happy.