A First Image of the Seat El-Born Leaked

A first image of the Seat El-Born series leaked through a video revealed by the Swedish branch of the manufacturer, revealing its lines.

If there is one thing that manufacturers fear, it is the leaks, especially when they concern new models. Sometimes these come from the media, but from time to time it is the brands themselves that break the silence, and not always on a voluntary basis. This is what has just happened to Seat, which unfortunately has a glimpse of the future production version of the El-Born concept, unveiled at the last Geneva Motor Show in March. An error committed by the Swedish branch of the manufacturer, which published a promotional clip revealing very furtively the Spanish novelty, obviously immortalized and then broadcast, while the original video is still online.

On this image, which leaves no room for doubt, we therefore see the front panel, as well as the profile of the compact, which changes very significantly compared to the concept. And for good reason, if the general design remains identical, there are still some small changes, since the shield and the grille benefit from a new stroke of the pencil, just like the interior of the optics. The rocker panels, as well as the rims, also differ from what we have known until now. Anyway, and if we will have to wait before seeing this Seat El-Born in its entirety, we can only notice the link with the Volkswagen ID.3 in its general lines. Similarities that also continue inside, the concept having a cabin identical to the Volkswagen compact. Now we just have to wait for the final version.

For now, the technical characteristics of the series version of this Seat El-Born are not yet known, but there should not be too many surprises, since we will no doubt expect to find the specifics from its cousin, the Volkswagen ID.3. As a reminder, the compact German is available in three battery levels to travel 330 to 550 km and two power levels, 150 and 204 horsepower. A 1st Edition launch version offered in three versions will also be available, with the intermediate battery of 58 kWh and sold for less than € 40,000. These characteristics should be shared by the Seat El-Born, which should be officially revealed in the course of next year, even if no precise date has yet been communicated by the manufacturer.