A Fraud of Two Billion Dollars of Investors Carried Out By a Cryptocurrency Company in Turkey

Turkish authorities issued an international arrest warrant for the founder of a digital currency exchange platform who fled with $ 2 billion in investor money, according to official media reports on Friday.

Police also arrested 62 people during the raids on Friday for their possible association with the “thodex” company headed by the fugitive businessman Faruk Fatih Özer.

The prosecution was investigating Özer on charges of “serious fraud and founding of a criminal organization.”

On Thursday, Turkish security officials released a photo of him as he passed through the passport department at Istanbul Airport while he was on his way to an unspecified destination.

Security sources later confirmed that Özer, who is believed to be 27 or 28 years old, had arrived in Albania.

The platform “Theodex” suspended trading after it posted a vague message on Wednesday stating that it needs five days to deal with an unspecified foreign investment.

Media reports said the platform was closed while it was still in possession of $ 2 billion from 391,000 investors.