A1 Begins with Sales of the Folding Samsung Galaxy Fold

In many ways, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is the big experiment of 2020. This is Samsung’s first foldable display device that folds vertically like a book. The smartphone enters A1 stores as well as online at A1.bg on February 7th and one thing is for sure – many looks will be aimed at it. Samsung have developed over 1000 prototypes before reaching the current device.

This is proof that the goal of the Galaxy Fold is not simply to be the first foldable smartphone on the market. It is also a functional device ready to meet the needs of users. This is the smartphone that will always stand out. The largest screen ever put on a Galaxy device is Samsung Galaxy Fold’s 7.3-inch sAMOLED Infinity Flex Display.

However, this impressive size should not mislead consumers about the overall grip of the device, which remains elegant and business oriented when the Galaxy Fold is shrunk. In fact, the smartphone remains fully functional even when it is shrunk. The left exterior is equipped with a second 4.6 ”display, which makes it easy to operate the main Galaxy Fold features while holding the device with one hand. The big question is how the hinge works First of all, all the worries that the large display may break from opening and closing should be dispelled. There is no such danger, and before it reaches the A1 stores, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has been subjected to rigorous stress tests by the manufacturer. The hinge of the device hides a complex mechanism of interacting parts that allow for smooth opening and closing.

The fact that it brings together very high technology does not mean that there is a compromise on the quality of the display. Created with Dynamic AMOLED technology, it is among the most advanced on the market right now. Both sides of the screen can also function separately. Samsung Galaxy Fold supports the so-called function. multitasking. It can easily handle up to 3 applications at a time, which open in separate windows.

The size of each of the windows can be resized by dragging their finger across the display. What else is hidden in the device When it comes to introducing a new smartphone, it’s good to talk in numbers. Samsung Galaxy Fold’s main memory is 512GB and RAM is 12GB. More than enough for great quality movies, video games or multi-application work. The Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with six cameras – a record of Samsung’s otherwise diverse offerings in A1 stores. Three main cameras (16, 12 and 12 megapixels respectively) backed by two front cameras. The last six camera is a discrete 10MP selfie camera above the second screen of the device. The Galaxy Fold comes with a carbon case and wireless Galaxy Buds headphones. All this is currently available at BGN 129.99 per month if purchased with the A1 One Unlimited 5XL tariff plan from the A1 stores and online at A1.bg.