AAA Used Cars are Preparing to Expand to the West It will Cost 2.7 Billion

After last year’s expansion into Poland, the owner of AAA Aures Holdings second-hand car dealers plans to expand its business to other Western European countries in Germany. After the experience with the sale of used cars over the Internet during coronavirus, it will be a purely online sale of cars under the Driverama brand. Within five years, it wants to be the largest European retailer in the emerging online used car sales market.

It will be an investment of our shareholders, which in the first phase will reach the amount of 100 million euros, ie approximately 2.7 billion crowns,” said Karolina Topolova, CEO of Aures Holdings. In the second stage, the company expects to invest another 400 million euros. According to Topol, the experience with the many-month closure of stone car bazaars has confirmed that even older cars can be effectively sold at a distance.

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, second-hand car dealerships have been closed by government for almost four months, and the entire second-hand car dealership has had to move to virtual space. The largest domestic online retailer in the Czech Republic sells over three thousand cars a month, and another Slovak is reported by its Slovak branch.

Driverama will work in a similar way, with the exception that through it the customer will be able to choose from a range of cars in other countries, including countries outside the EU. “It will be possible to have the cars delivered or pick them up at dozens of micro-branches, which will start to be built in the summer,” said Stanislav Galik, who is in charge of innovation in the group and will also chair the newly formed Driverama.

It will now start buying cars and will start selling in Germany from the new year. By 2025, it plans to expand its activities to eleven other countries. There is talk, for example, of the Benelux countries. Aures Holding, which sells used cars in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, is not the first to want to conquer digital space with used cars. He can look for a pattern in the British company Cazoo, or in the American Carvana, which launched the concept first.