Accessible Games for Help Kids Learn

HKL is the Internet gaming division of the technology giant that helps Inclusive Technology in the UK.

The HKL website has over 90 online games (online games) at different levels of play and offers teachers and therapists a comfortable operating environment for working with children with special needs.
Games, activities and tools that are fun to play with any means of accessibility.

The games are suitable for children with a wide variety of disabilities and are built at different levels of use:
– early age
Advanced games
– stories
Discovery Games.

Web games are accessible from HKL

Maximum accessibility
The HelpKidzLearn web games are accessible for children with disabilities and different capabilities and offer easy operation with keyboard, mouse, joystick, switches, touch screen and focus mode.
In each game, you can easily choose the appropriate means of accessibility for the child.

The games can be purchased in a private or institutional subscription for a period of one year and can be accessed play anywhere and anytime as long as there is an internet connection.

The game environment is very suitable for educational institutions and kindergartens and offers each child to work and play at the appropriate level with appropriate accessibility.