According to the Expectation Survey of the Central Bank, at the End of the Year, USD 3.8807

According to the Central Bank, expectation survey for February in the end of the year dollar rate expectation raised. Accordingly, dollar exchange rate expectation is 3.8807 TL, the previous was 3.8619TL. At the end of the year, the TÜFE expectation rose to 8.87 percent from 8.48 percent in the previous survey.

The consumer inflation (TÜFE) expectation for February 2017 was 0.69 percent in the previous survey period, while it was 0.62 percent in this survey period. According to the previous survey, March CPI inflation remained unchanged at 0.76 percent. April’s TFE expectation was realized as 0.95 percent.

Current year-end TÜFE expectation was 8.48 percent in the previous survey period, it rise up to 8.87 percent in this survey period. 12 months and 24 months afterwards, 8.21 percent and 7.59 percent, respectively. When the probability estimates of the participants after 24 months were evaluated in the survey period of February 2017, the average of TUFE’s 48.9 percent was 6 percent , In the range of 50-7.49, 39.5 percent probability is expected to increase over 7.50 percent and above.

In the same survey period