AI-Powered Cleaning Robot “Whiz” Reduces New Coronavirus on the Floor

SOFTBANK Robotics announced on June 1st that a cleaning robot equipped with AI, “Whiz,” was able to significantly reduce the new coronavirus from the floor of the building by a third-party organization. In response to this result, we will start providing a “disinfection solution” (B version) that combines cleaning with Whiz and disinfection of walls and doorknobs with chemicals after mid June. The aim is to reduce the risk of spreading infections at medical institutions.

Whiz is the company’s second model robot following the Pepper. Once a cleaning route is created and stored, it will run autonomously based on the map data. Clean the floor while avoiding people and obstacles.

This time, the company has introduced the robot to “Hotel Seaside Edogawa” (Edogawa Ward, Tokyo), which accepts mild patients with new coronavirus infection, in order to investigate the removal effect of new coronavirus by Whiz. An evaluation was conducted by a third-party organization.

According to the survey results, the amount of bacteria and fungi on the floor surface is significantly reduced before and after cleaning with Whiz. Although the new coronavirus was slightly detected in the PCR test, it was also demonstrated to be significantly reduced. In addition, when the walls and doorknobs were disinfected in parallel with a chemical spray, it was possible to reduce the level to a level where the new coronavirus could not be detected by PCR.

Initially, the company planned to provide a sterilization solution after this fall, but said that it has significantly accelerated the delivery time based on this result. The price is 80,000 yen (excluding tax). SoftBank Robotics will test and set up autonomous driving for about two hours before cleaning.

The Edogawa Public Health Center cooperated with the third-party evaluation, and it was conducted by the Biomedical Science Study Group, a certified non-profit organization. Survey date is April 25th and May 8th

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AI-Powered Cleaning Robot “Whiz” Reduces New Coronavirus on the Floor

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