Air France Makes its First Long-Haul Flight with Cooking Oil in the Engine

Every month, cartoonist Hubert Blatz sketches the news … In May, Air France launched the first long-haul flight made with used cooking oil fuel between Paris and Montreal.

What if we put used cooking oil in our airplane engines? Air France is testing a new step in recycling with, this Thursday, the first long-haul flight that operates thanks to waste oil in particular.

Oil, fat, sugar and seaweed residues
According to BFM-TV, it is a flight from Paris to Montreal, which left Roissy this Wednesday morning, that inaugurates this innovation. Concretely, in the engine of this Air France plane, we find a mixture of kerosene and 16% biofuel. Which is made from waste and residues like used cooking oil, animal fats, sugars or certain algae by Total.

tTis  is the first iternationally, for Air France. But the tricolor company had already tested the process for national flights. Between 2014 and 2016, some flights between Toulouse and Orly used 10% of these biofuels made from waste.

An interesting avenue for limiting CO2 emissions. Indeed, according to our colleagues at BFM-TV, the use of biofuels makes it possible to reduce these polluting emissions by 80% compared to kerosene. But this is only the beginning: in 2019, only 0.1% of the fuel used by aviation came from these biofuels … Problem: its price, four times higher than kerosene. For the time being.