Alitalia, Giorgetti and Giovannini Forward with the National Carrier Project

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After a summit at the Mise to evaluate the Alitalia dossier, the ministers of economic development and infrastructure, Giancarlo Giorgetti and Enrico Giovannini, made it known that they had “evaluated the possibility of carrying out the ITA project and expressed the desire to confirm a national carrier of air transport “. The procedure “presupposes the involvement of the Parliament, which will have to express itself on an industrial level, and the EU Commission”.

Next week summit between the government and Commissioner Vestager – Next week “a meeting is scheduled” which will be attended by ministers Giorgetti and Giovannini, as well as Daniele Franco and the European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager. A summit announced at the end of the inter-ministerial meeting.

The Parliament “will have to express itself on the industrial plan of ITA” and the European Commission “will be presented with proposals for the resolution of the still open issues”, write Giorgetti and Giovannini in a joint note after the summit at Mise, to which the head was also present cabinet of the Ministry of Economy Giuseppe Chiné and the director general of the Treasury Alessandro Rivera. Leaving the summit, Giovannini said: “We have examined all aspects of the issue”.

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