“Am I Obligated to Feed the Syrians who Come Here And Watch Turkish Women”

Sinan Oğan who Demanded to be exported from Turkish Nationalist Movement Party (MHP),  said I ‘m sure that the 100% percent of Syrian refugees in Turkey is the member of DEAŞ. Oğhan said ” Am I obliged to feed the Syrians who come here and watch Turkish women on the beach.”

Sinan Oğan participated in the news center program in KRT.  Oğhan eveluated  “Presidential System” and  Syrian refuges issue. He said: “We will send back all Syrians , even they have got  the citizenship from Turkey … No one can fool Turkey’s money, you do not give your father’s money to them, you give  the people’s money. They come become suicide bomber  and  kill our people. They go on the beach, disturb our children. Our people are not comfortable walking on the street. We can not allow these. What the refugees doing  on the beach . They must stay in refugee camps. There will be no fighting any Turkish soldier in Syria. Don’t give them 25 billion dollars for the sun cream, and baby food. While my student is  here paying  money to study , for Syrian it is free. ”

Sinana Oğhan claimed that,  in Esenyurt district of Istanbul  live 100 thousand Syrians refugee, “Our soldiers are martyred in Syria in Al-Bab, the Syrians here are smoking the hookah, round on the women on the streets. Such a thing can not be acceptable. “he said.