Amazon: Jeff Bezos Pays $ 35 Billion Divorce Settlement to his Wife

Jeff Bezos, the world ‘s richest man, agreed to a divorce with his wife, McKinsey. It is said that it will pay at least $ 35 billion of the record divorce settlement.

McKinsey is expected to receive 4 percent of Amazon’s stake in e-commerce. Amazon was founded 25 years ago by Jeff Bezos.

McKinsey, meanwhile, handed over to Jeff the stake in Blue Post, an American media outsourcing company and Blue Post, which was jointly owned by the couple.

The richest person in human history

The two divorce settlements are large enough to make the record of the previous highest divorce settlement shoddy. The previous record was $ 3.8 billion which was awarded in the process of divorce from artistic agent Alec Wildersstein to his wife Jocelyn.

McKinsey made an official statement on Twitter. This is the first post and the only post on the Twitter account that McKinsey opened this month. McKinsey said, “I am grateful that I can finish my marriage with Jeff in support of each other.”

Prior to the divorce settlement, Jeff Bezos owned 16.3 percent of the company’s stake in the company. He owns only about 75 percent of the stake after the divorce, but he has no place in the company as McKinsey hands over all voting rights to Jeff.

The two of you put your child under your knees. The two lived together before the Amazon was founded in 1994, and McKinsey was hired as the first Amazon employee.

According to Forbes, Amazon has become a huge e-commerce company with sales of $ 232.8 billion last year. In this success, the Jeff Bezos family was able to enjoy great wealth.

McKinsey is a successful novelist who wrote ‘The Testing of Luther Albright’ and ‘Traps’. McKinsey was taught at Princeton University by Pulitzer Prize winner Tony Morrison. Morrison once called McKinsey “the best student I have ever taught in a creative writing class.”

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Jeff was reported to be in love with Fox TV announcer Loren Sanchez.

The couple had revealed that they were separated in January. One American media reported Jeff’s personal message and reported an affair with Sanchez.

Jeff sued American media corporation, publisher of media, for misdeeds. The publisher denied the allegations.



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