Amazon Raises the Bar to Stand up Home Pod

Amazon has raised the level. The e-commerce company has put on sale today the Echo Studio, its most advanced speaker to date. Boasting high fidelity, it comes to compete directly against Sonos One or HomePod based on three main premises: excellent sound quality, the versatility offered by the Alexa ecosystem and the price.

Despite being the most powerful and best-sounding speaker in the Echo family, Amazon has contained the price by setting it at 199.99 euros, 30 euros below the Sonos One and 130 euros below the Apple speaker. And, although it is the jewel in the crown of the catalog, there are still 30 euros below the Echo Show, its display device and powerful speaker.

In sound quality Echo Studio competes from you to you against Sonos and Apple. It does this thanks to a design that incorporates five speakers that work to achieve an immersive sound experience with Dolby Atmos technology. What this technology allows is to give the user a feeling of immersion in music revealing more details and depth than stereo sound. And is that as with the Apple speaker or Sonos Move, the Studio acoustically recognizes the room in which it is instantaneously to adapt to it and offer surround sound.

Of course, unlike the HomePod, the layout of the speakers is not 360 degrees, since at the back it has none. Despite this absence – and taking into account that normally the speaker will not be placed in the center of a room – the sound quality of the Studio is very high and we will have powerful bass, dynamic and truly sharp highs.

It achieves this by combining 3 midrange of 51 mm facing up and the sides, a 25 mm tweeter focused forward and a powerful 133 mm woofer with downward orientation. The design is also designed in such a way that the woofer has a physical opening through which the speaker can return deep bass that truly makes a difference.

To accommodate these speakers, the Echo Studio is a larger device than its main rivals. It has 206 and 175 mm in height and diameter, respectively; and it has a weight of 3.5 kilos, which make it robust and with a firm construction that accompanies the sound. It is also finished in a mesh of fabric and plastic that give a high quality feeling. At the top it has four buttons, two to control volume, another to invoke Alexa and another to cut the microphone. Also, a ring of light is located at the top and serves to indicate that Alexa is listening to us, that the microphone is disconnected or the volume level.

Beyond being a high performance speaker, the true potential of the Studio is Alexa. Inside it has the Zigbee digital home controller, which is directly compatible with light bulbs, plugs, sensors or switches. Likewise, as in the entire Echo family, you can simplify housework, set timers, manage appointments on the calendar or reminders, as well as ask to read the news or detail the traffic.

However, the real magic with Alexa happens when we link the Studio with the Fire TV Stick. And it is that when you connect the television device with the speaker the content is optimized to the maximum and makes us forget a sound bar completely, even more if you opt for a second Studio, since they will work on Stereo and the feeling envelope will go a step further.

Another of the features that this Studio has, as in the rest of the Echo family, is both the possibility of having multi-party music and being able to communicate with other rooms in the house where we have an Echo speaker through the community function .

In sum, Amazon has achieved with the Studio a high-performance Echo, high quality sound and positioned to face the best speakers in the market.