CPU Market Share Hit A Record High of 25.6% at The End of Last Year

According to year-end data from Mercury Research, AMD has grown considerably in market share of the x86 processor market compared to Intel . In the fourth quarter of 2021, it achieved a record 25.6% market share in processors based on the x86 architecture.

AMD has increased its share of the PC, game console and IoT x86 chipset markets relative to Intel for 11 consecutive quarters. But in the fourth quarter, Intel regained some mobile market share.

The overall PC processor market, including Arm devices for Chromebooks and Macs from Apple’s M1, has grown at a relatively healthy rate. Dean McCarron, president of Mercury Research, said the x86 market will grow 16 percent in 2021.

AMD’s market share hit a new record 25.6% in Q4 2021, surpassing the previous record of 25.3% set in Q4 2006 15 years ago.

Intel’s full-year market share was 76.7%, and AMD’s was 23.3%; compared with 80.3% and 19.6% in 2020, Intel and AMD saw a 3.6 percentage point difference. AMD’s full-year market share also broke the 22.9% record set in 2006.

Intel’s 4Q mobile CPU partially recovered from the 3Q slump, coupled with strong growth in desktop shipments, led Intel to outpace AMD in both desktop and mobile CPUs.

AMD’s server shipment growth continued to outpace Intel’s, marking the 11th consecutive quarter that AMD has increased its server CPU market share.

The lowest point of AMD’s full-year market share was 12.7% in 2015. The single-quarter low since 2006 was 11.6% in the first quarter of 2016, while the all-time low was 5.5% in the second quarter of 1997.