“Angela Merkel won’t Seek Re-election as Party Leader”

Angela Merkel listens to a question during a press conference, standing in front of an EU flag.
PHOTO: Ms Merkel has been leader of the Christian Democrats Party (CDU) since 2000. (AP: Petr David Josek)
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she will not seek re-election as the head of her party.

German media, quoted unnamed party sources for the information.

Ms Merkel has been the CDU’s chairwoman since 2000 and Chancellor since 2005.

German Christian Democratic Party (CDU) sources said that Prime Minister Merkel has told the party leader that she will not seek to renew the party leader at the party meeting in early December. However, the German news agency reported that Merkel intends to remain prime minister.

Angel Merkel, 64, has served as the leader of the Christian Democratic Party since 2000. After she gave up this position, the People’s Party’s intention to succeed will be contested.

DPA reported that the source said that Merkel intends to stay in the prime minister.

Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party and the Social Democratic Party in the coalition government yesterday’s double elections in Hessen’s local elections were the second major local election defeat in two weeks.

The Green Party and the German Alternative Choice Party continued to soar, highlighting the structural transformation of the party’s territory, and the fourth prime minister’s term of Merkel was affected.