Another Escalation of the Belarusian-Russian Relations

Interview with the Russian ambassador Mikhail Babich has caused a sharp comment Belarusian MFA Press Secretary Anatoly eyes. Experts explained freedom as the scandal will affect the relations between Minsk and Moscow.

Eugene Preygerman, who heads the expert’s initiative “Minsk dialogue”, called the Belarusian-Russian diplomatic scandal “a certain degree of escalation of the disputes that exist between Moscow and Minsk.”

“This is not the first exacerbation. Like it was before. But then the Russian ambassador behaved more modestly. Babich and used to do various statements. However, they were not as “burning,” as the one that appeared yesterday. Now is not the president, not the prime minister, and ambassador turns into the main newsmaker of the Belarusian-Russian relations. And it is a novelty in our bilateral relations “, – emphasizes Eugene Preygerman.

He also notes that the new ambassador of Russia in comparison with its predecessor, Alexander Surikov behave differently:

“It is unlikely that such a style of behavior will benefit the relations between Belarus and Russia”, – said the Freedom Preygerman.

Moscow-based expert in the Belarusian-Russian relations, Kirill Koktysh says that these relationships often accompanies the degree of tension. However, until now the right to “emotion” was the top leaders. Now to the verbal pikiravannya joined and lower representatives of the power vertical.

“While the ambassador held etiquette, and these rules have kept the Foreign Ministry – says Koktysh. – But it happened that Babic and openly about certain points in said press secretary rather sharply adkamentavav. I can not judge how balanced were Mr. Babic’s position, because every word has to be evaluated from different perspectives. I readily admit that the traditional formats have been violated, but this is not a career diplomat and a political appointee, so that in principle it is forgivable. ”

In any case, says Koktysh, a marker that each side declares its own position – that in negotiation theory called “trade action”.

“Until all on the stage, I do not think that will be the fateful twists – continuing Koktysh. – However, it is a marker that is between countries are certain things you need to reformat a new way. For example, Minsk should promote rather obvious point: if there is a tax maneuver, then there must be compensation – but not directly, then indirectly. For example, preferences for Belarusian industrial goods. This would create the context in which a problem in one way or another, but solved. In any case better than when none of the parties is not inferior to their position. ”

Kirill Koktysh has no doubt that the Russian ambassador expressed the Kremlin’s point of view and the Russian leadership had accumulated enough questions to its ally. However, there are nuances.

“Moscow has a lot of global problems: the US, EU, Middle and Far East, – he says. – Against this background, it is not necessary to develop a new format of relations with Belarus. After all, if it goes from Moscow – just imperialism, chauvinism. But when the offer of the new format will be from Minsk – a way out even for Russia. Skirmish between the ambassador and the Foreign Ministry underlines that the questions are in the traditional paradigm and solve them does not work. So, we need to build a parallel paradigm, since each side of the position of its shortcomings. ”

The leader of the civil campaign “Tell the Truth” Andrei Dmitriev, two days before the publication of the controversial interview with Russian Ambassador Mikhail Babich, the Russian RIA Novosti was a guest of a diplomat.

Earlier, in an interview with Freedom Dmitriev he told how and why have met with the Russian ambassador and that he had heard from the Special Representative of Vladimir Putin in Belarus.

Today Liberty again turned to Dmitriev’s request to compare statements diplomat 12 and 14 March. The leader of the campaign “Tell the Truth” noted that these meetings are “a different genre”:

“We talked to him. In the second case, it was an interview. But if you compare what we said with Tatiana Korotkevitch leaving the embassy said what Babic reporters here much the same. ”

Dmitriev sees three main matches.

“Firstly, this is a very pragmatic approach to this provision, Babic. Second, the precise wording of the question to the Belarusian side, what you want and what are your suggestions? Third, binding Russian preferences for the future. All this and we said Babich. However, in an interview with his conclusions were formulated much tougher, “- says Dmitriev.

As he believes, the situation greatly affects what Babic – there is a career diplomat.

“It is official, which, as I understand it, put a number of very specific problems. And he is exacerbating the situation, looking for their solutions. And we have to this style of behavior is not accustomed to. We have different traditions. Therefore, an urgent public debate is perceived very painful. Hence, such a strong reaction of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus “, – said the leader of” Tell the Truth. “

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Another Escalation of the Belarusian-Russian Relations - Belarusian,Russian,Mikhail Babich/10


Interview with the Russian ambassador Mikhail Babich has caused a sharp comment Belarusian MFA Press Secretary Anatoly eyes. Experts explained freedom as the scandal will affect the relations between Minsk and Moscow

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