App was Made to Find what You Need And Put

Hundreds of photos on the smartphone, or even thousands. This app was made to find what you need and put “everything in order” with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

The final version has not yet been released, but the beta is succeeding. Curator is presented as an application that uses Artificial Intelligence to better organize your photos completely offline.

This kind of magical gallery groups images by folders and within each folder, by dates, according to whether they belong to the camera or have been published in social networks, etc., but above all, “looks” at them to assign tags. The view can therefore be made through folders, all photos or by tags.

In this way the images appear classified with several labels that can indicate, at a first level, whether they are pictures of people, places, activities, events, food or animals. within that classification, then there may be subdivisions. for each one, namely group photos or selfies, beach, mountain, sunset or bridges, fun, leisure or sports, among others.

Of course, in order to do all this, Curator needs authorization to access files on your phone. The creator of the app ensures that everything is done safely. Once given, the app will begin to create tags for each of the photos stored on your smartphone or tablet. The process can take a long time, depending on the number of photos saved, but you can always cancel while it is not complete and go for the classification work already done.

Do you have an Android device? Choose between Light or Dark view mode and let Curator “tidy” your albums so that searches are smarter and always find that photo, even in the midst of thousands of others.