Appeal Filed for Supreme Court to Review Epa Colombia’s Sentence

The businesswoman was sentenced 63 months and 15 days in jail, in addition to a fine and the prohibition to exercise the profession of ‘influencer’ or ‘youtuber’.

The lawyer for Daneidy Rojas Barrera, known as Epa Colombia, filed a cassation appeal so that the conviction against hes client be reviewed by the Supreme Court of Justice.

In judicial records it appears that the representative of Epa Colombia, sentenced to five years in prison for three crimes, filed this appeal with the Superior Court of Bogota.


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In its judgment, the Court indicated that according to Legislative Act 01 of 2018, the defense of the convicted person or she herself could request that the right to double judicial compliance or to challenge the first conviction be guaranteed. Right that is activated before the issuance of a ruling, is read in the decision.

And he warned that “in the face of what is resolved here, the special challenge for the convicted person or her defense, in the procedural terms provided for in the law for the appeal of cassation, proceeds.” This resource can only be used for the crime of instigation to commit a crime.

Likewise, she pointed out that in the face of the other crimes for which she was convicted in the first instance and in the second instance, she could file a cassation appeal that would reach the Supreme Court of Justice.

So far, the defense of the accused has only resorted to this last resort.

In any case, nothing guarantees that the conviction will be reviewed, since the Court must first define whether or not to admit the appeal.

On August 12, the Superior Court of Bogota. issued the conviction against Barrera Rojas, who in November 2019 recorded himself on video while destroying a TransMilenio station in Bogotá.

Specifically, the sentence was 63 months and 15 days in jail. In addition, it included a disqualification from exercising the profession of ‘influencer’ or ‘youtuber’ for the same term as the main sanction and the payment of a fine of 492 minimum wages.

The Court also denied the suspension of the execution of the sentence as a substitute for the custodial sentence; that is, she will not be able to have house arrest because her penalty exceeds the maximum to access that benefit.

In March 2020, Barrera was convicted by the Second Specialized Criminal Court of Bogota, which sentenced her to three and a half years in prison. She also imposed a ban on him from using her social media for that time, and a fine of 25 times the minimum wage.


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EPA COLOMBIA (@epa_colombia)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

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