Apple AirPods Pro: Eliminate Aircraft Engine Noise and get Some Quiet

The concept that started with Bose and its flagship catered primarily to businessmen and serial travelers who were looking for a solution to eliminate aircraft engine noise and get some quiet. Then Sony arrived and managed to get around Bose as it introduced a more sophisticated noise canceling device and sophisticated features that probably name Sony’s WH1000XM flagship as the best noise canceling headphones in the world today.


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This competition marked the introduction of noise-canceling headphones to any self-respecting tech firm. Instead of airplanes, employees want to avoid the noise of keyboards, talking and air conditioning that can incite their focus from deep work.

Apple recently announced its entry into the field of noise canceling, first with the Beats headphones and now it has embedded a similar technology in a completely new version of today’s popular wireless headphones, the Airpods. Apple has almost never been the first to release a new product in a new category; The first Airpods, which redefined the realm of wireless in-ear headphones, also came out after Bergie had already introduced such headphones. So was the Apple Watch (Pebble) and the first smartphone (IBM). However, when Apple comes in – they bring the whole user experience to the mainstream.

And so it happened this week. October 30 marks the introduction of noise canceling technology to the new standard of everyday headphones. Irpods Pro is the most significant product Apple released this year – and I expect it to be the most popular as well. And there are several reasons for this.

Noise cancellation

It’s hard to explain the power of noise-canceling headphones to those who haven’t experienced it yet. When I gave my wife a try on the Eurodods Pro, she responded enthusiastically “I couldn’t believe there was so much noise in the world.” And that might be the biggest effect. There are lots of distractions around us, but not always in our awareness. Until we are exposed to silence. Apple’s new headphones show a pretty impressive noise cancellation mechanism, and when you wear them, you immediately feel the effect of the canceled noises around. I used them on a flight from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv without even hearing the noise around (plane engine, happenings, etc.). However, noise cancellation is not absolute; You still hear people talking, but in a much more refined way.

Each earphone is equipped with an external microphone that absorbs the noise from the environment and an anti-sounding algorithm that eliminates the noise before it reaches your ear. There is also another microphone that hears what’s going on inside your ear and eliminates unwanted noise. Apple claims this mechanism adapts to the environment about 200 times In the second, so that its effectiveness is particularly high.

One of the innovations Sony’s headphones have brought to the world is the simple way to switch from noise canceling to reverse, where the headphones microphones open and the environment can be heard clearly. All you have to do is cover the headphones with your hand and you hear what’s happening on the outside; Hear announcements at an airport, order something from a waiter at a coffee shop, or listen to a colleague who has just contacted you at the office, all without removing the headphones. Apple introduced a new mechanism here that is implemented by an algorithm that simply blends in between the environment and the music you hear. This is called Transparency Mode. You can jump between noise cancellation and transparency mode by long-pressing the earpiece arm, and hop, you can hear the sounds around you and the music coming from the headphones. It took me a while to get used to it but I have to say that I like the simplicity of this magnet more than Sony’s complicated app.

When I first bought the iRepods, it was hard for people to get used to their design. “You have a toothbrush stuck in your ear.” Today it has become an iconic design and part of the city’s landscape.

There are some major changes to the news podcasts. Apple has made the arms of the headphones significantly shorter and now has a silicone cover on the headset that allows for the necessary sealing inside the ear for noise cancellation. For those that the original AirPods have slipped from their ear – then good news, the new design is much more durable and stable in the ear. Apple, in an uncharacteristic move, also added 3 silicone heads of different sizes to the package – so you can find the sealant that fits your ear.

How do you know which silicone head is right for you? Here, too, Apple has shown how important the integration between software and hardware is. In the headset settings on your iPhone you can run a pressure check in your ear to determine if the silicone head whose name creates the appropriate opacity.

The case is now bigger, but not significant and certainly not as large as the Sony equivalent. You’ll be glad to know that the case fits into the small pocket of every Jens (the one above the regular pocket). The only downside of the case is that it is now more difficult to get the Eurodods into it and it takes a little more trying, but I guess it’s a matter of habit.

As for convenience – the headphones are very comfortable and not too noticeable in the ear, which is rare for headphones that are right inside the ear. Hearing over time can be a little painful, but I found it more comfortable than earphones that cover the ear and warm it after a long, long hearing. If you practice, you’ll probably be happy to know that the headphones are resistant to sweat and water. Don’t recommend taking a shower or getting into the pool, but they will survive intense workouts or long runs.

Apple changed the headset activation keys and now instead of double-tapping the earpiece to transfer a song, one of the earpiece arms must be pinched. The truth is, it’s a bit weird and takes time to get used to, but overall feels natural after a while. Apple has yet to control the volume on the headphones and will have to manipulate the volume through the phone or watch or alternatively say “Siri, increase the volume”.

The Achilles heel of the headphones is probably in battery, as it is significantly less powerful than the previous model. You can hear music for 4.5 hours without charging and the case will provide you with another 20 hours. In reality, I’ve noticed it’s a little less than what Apple markets. Still an impressive achievement for so many technologies in such a small package.

“Hi Siri”
The main thing I like about headphones is the combination of hardware and software. The chip that Apple has embedded allows the headphones to work seamlessly with the iPhone. Like the previous generation, here too the headphones will automatically connect to all Apple devices as soon as you open the case. In addition, this generation also offers support for hands-free pots. One of my favorite features and one that saves me quite a bit of time on simple commands on my phone. Instead of taking the phone out of my pocket, I say to the air “Hi, Siri call my wife” and it happens. If while cycling I say “Hi Siri, play Coldplay in Spotify” a custom playlist is created for me. There are many other applications you can create through the Apple Shortcuts app.

In my opinion, this is one of the most complete and good products Apple has released so far. The sound, noise cancellation and comfort in such a small package is no less than a technological phenomenon. However, I don’t think the name “pro” is justified. The manual custom lack of sound and noise cancellation, the lack of charging with USB-C cable do not do any kind with “professional” users.

Apple once again changed the game and this time in the world of noise cancellation. There are better-sounding earphones in the market, some with more elaborate noise cancellation, but again, nothing comes close to the complete experience that AirPods Pro provides for productivity and enjoyable music.