Apple: Look at the iPhone XC

But not iPhone XR, iPhone XC is the name of the upcoming new Apple smartphone with LCD display according to a recent leaks. New photos are now to show the color selection for the cheapest model – and incidentally, the first dual-SIM enabled iPhone is revealed.

Next Wednesday, Apple will introduce new iPhone models. From a photographed presentation slide from China shows that in addition to the iPhone X successor iPhone XS also the iPhone XS Plus and an iPhone XC will be among the new releases. The previous week, reports circulated that Apple will name the largest and best-equipped device, the iPhone XS Max, and the more affordable with an LCD display called the iPhone XR. Which naming is really true, will probably turn out in two days.

Newly released photos of the alleged iPhone XC by the more frequently-lying informant Benjamin Geskin on Twitter recently show that Apple could release this device in slightly more powerful new colors. In addition to devices in white and rosé, those in dark blue and red are also scanned. Their back is made as in the current iPhone made of glass, their frame is unlike the iPhone X but not made of stainless steel, but made of aluminum. The surface of the metal is dull, not shiny like the more expensive iPhones.

iPhone XC with only one camera – but dual SIM
The glass back indicates that the iPhone XC could also charge wirelessly. Instead of a dual camera, however, Apple relies on a snap with only a single lens, which stands out as with almost all since 2014 released iPhones. The power button on the side becomes more elongated – similar to that of the iPhone X – and should serve as the start button for Siri due to the absence of a home button. Another photo shows the iPhone XC card slide, which can hold two SIM cards. The dual-SIM variant is likely to remain reserved for the Chinese market.

The iPhone XC most likely has a 6.1-inch LCD display with a face-ID Face ID sensor built into the head end of the cut. The device will appear in memory configurations of 64 GB and 256 GB, the price of the iPhone XC should be at least 799 euros.