Apple May Give up the Actual Consoles Within Future MacBook Devices

The actual keyboards used within its MacBook devices, including the abandonment of the actual mechanical keyboard and the direction towards the virtual keyboard that can be changed depending on what the user needs at that moment, with a way to make that keyboard resistant to dust and spills Liquids.

The company filed three patent applications published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, where the three files share the same name as the device that has an integrated interface system, and discuss how to improve the MacBook keyboard experience.

The company has previously filed a patent application for a MacBook touch screen instead of a keyboard base, as well as a virtual keyboard with tactile feedback, but the new patent applications describe a MacBook with a transparent keyboard base from the top Made of glass or plastic, with a number of sensors under this transparent layer.

This keyboard may contain a display that can illuminate the keys from the bottom. The keys can easily be changed to different symbols or languages, or even a keyboard layout can be changed and customized entirely to the user’s desire or include controls, such as the existing Touch Bar Within MacBook devices.

Other patents cover the potential different possibilities of future computers, showing a compromise using a mechanical keyboard but surrounded by a touch-sensitive area on both sides and at the bottom, similar to the U-shaped trackpad, according to which the keys can be touch sensitive, Allows the user to scroll down to perform certain functions.

It is a basic physical keys that can be placed above the base of the virtual keyboard, while continuing with the virtual keyboard to select keystrokes, and giving the user an actual keyboard option when needed  use for long writing sessions.

The patents discuss possible ways to support MacBook’s dustproof and spill-proof keyboard by adding a protective membrane, like the new MacBook Pro, but in this case it will be completely sealed to cover the keyboard, Flexible enough that the keyboard will not be damaged or affected when used.

Apple is renowned for having filed a large number of patent applications for potential products and technologies that may not be used in consumer products soon, as the appearance of patent applications within the USPTO is not a guarantee That Apple will continue to develop the concept and turn it into a commercial product.

The Founder: Hülya Karahan