Apple plans Two New AirPods Next Year

While the launch of the AirPods Studio is delayed and is only expected to take place over the next year, rumors are now circulating about new headphones that Apple is expected to launch in the coming months. Among the models: Basic AirPods in a new design, and an upgrade to AirPods Pro.

Recently, new rumors have surfaced about the development process of popular headphones, and how they will look, but let’s start with the bad news: the AirPods Studio, the so-called rainbow headphones that are expected to cost over $ 600, are likely to be rejected due to design issues, and we are likely to see Only during 2021.

According to Bloomberg reports, the base version of the AirPods will undergo a significant design change, looking similar to the AirPods Pro, but without noise cancellation and improved battery life. The Pro model, however, will feature a completely different design, with a thinner and rounder body. According to reports, Apple is currently experiencing manufacturing difficulties, with the new design having to fit the same hardware of the AirPods Pro, only in a smaller body.

And what about the AirPods Studio that will be rejected again? According to reports, the headband appeared to be too taut during the test. The report also noted that Apple has deviated quite a bit from the initial concept, and the planned replacement headband will not be in the final version. The pads will still be interchangeable, and more touch surfaces on the side of the headphones have been reduced. We also mentioned in the report that Apple is expected to launch another HomePod, as it currently offers two models: for $ 99 and $ 299. According to the report, Apple is expected to launch another model at a price of $ 199.


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