Apple will Unveil iOS 15 on June 7th

A new version of the operating system for iPhones, iPads and computers, and possibly even augmented reality glasses: Apple will hold its annual developer conference during June, during which it may announce augmented reality glasses that will devour the cards.

Apple has announced that it will hold its annual developer conference at WWDC 2021 on June 7. When the conference will also be this year online and without an audience due to the corona virus. The giant from Cupertino does not intend to give up one of its main events, it is also always held in the middle of the year allowing the company itself and the developers to prepare and adapt the apps and develop new tools using the new options opened for them by Apple.

The annual WWDC developer conference will also be held online this year, allowing Apple to record the announcements before and show us all the details and innovations in its operating systems, with evidence of the following versions already found:

According to the photo she posted, it shows a figure of a woman shaped like an emoji, with glasses and lenses reflecting icons from the computer screen open in front of her. The image “brought back to life” the rumor that Apple is working on augmented reality glasses, similar to Google Glass which failed. According to analyst Ming Choi Ko, Apple has been developing augmented and virtual reality glasses for years, and that they are expected to be launched next year, at a price of $ 1,000.

In addition to introducing the new operating systems, Apple will of course introduce innovations to the company’s various services and applications and will even introduce a number of innovations in the field of software. And not just software, Apple will introduce the next generation of the Apple M2 silicon processor and probably new products as well.


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