Apple’s Data Protection Could Bring More Retailers to Facebook

“I think that we could even come into a stronger position if Apple’s changes bring more companies to do business directly on our platform,” said Facebook boss Zuckerberg during an appearance on the talk app Clubhouse.

Apple plans to give iPhone users more control over whether services like Facebook are allowed to collect information about their behavior across different apps and websites. Previously, access to an identification number was given to advertisers across the board, now each app will have to ask users for permission individually. Facebook in particular has been storming the plans for months.

The online network assumes that many users will refuse to allow data access – and this will make it more difficult to personalize advertising. Small companies in particular would suffer as a result, Zuckerberg affirmed earlier criticism in the clubhouse panel discussion. “I’m pretty concerned about the health of many of the companies we’re trying to work with,” said the Facebook boss.

Apple defends the measures as an attempt to regain control of their privacy to users after tracking their online behavior for promotional purposes became ubiquitous. The new regulation is to be introduced in spring with the iOS 14.5 operating system.