Apple’s Share Price Rose 1.6%

Apple and Tesla, which will announce earnings next week, ended higher. Apple’s stock price rose 1.6%.

Large technology stocks such as Apple stock and Tesla stock ended in a strong bond ahead of the announcement of earnings next week.

Shares plunged as IBM and Intel, the representative US tech companies, performed poorly in the fourth quarter of last year.

The market watched key economic indicators, corporate performance, and stimulus measures promoted by the new US government.

By industry on this day, communications rose 0.12%, but technology stocks fell 0.32%. Industrial stocks fell 0.5%.

IBM announced in the fourth quarter of last year that its sales did not meet market expectations. IBM’s stock price, which is included in the Dow Index, plunged about 10%.

Intel shares also plunged by more than 9%. Although the results were good, it is interpreted that the accident occurred before the closing of the market the previous day, which had an adverse effect.

However, Apple’s share price rose 1.6% and Facebook rose 0.6%.

Apple, Facebook, Tesla and others will announce their earnings next week.

Uncertainty has also been raised regarding the stimulus plans to be pursued by US President Joe Biden.

Senators Lisa Merkoski and Mitt Romney, part of the Republican-centre group, expressed skepticism about the $1.9 trillion stimulus package. They questioned the need

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