Aptera The Solar Electric Car that “Never” Charges is on Sale

Begun in 2007, the Aptera solar car project finally seems close to completion. After the initial company’s bankruptcy in 2011, its rebirth in 2019, the marketing of this astonishing three-wheeled vehicle is launched.

The Aptera is unlike any conventional electric car. Its teardrop bodywork mixing carbon, kevlar and hemp, whose aerodynamic efficiency has been optimized down to the smallest detail, offers a Cx of 0.13. It incorporates 180 photovoltaic panels which cover an area of ​​3 m². Personally, we find the aesthetics of the Aptera rather successful. It has a spacecraft side that suits it very well and makes you forget the often unfinished style of solar vehicles.

In its most efficient configuration, the Aptera promises to offer more than 70 km of daily autonomy solely from solar energy. This is what allows the manufacturer to announce that his car will never need to be recharged in these conditions. Aptera Motors has put online a simulator that allows you to know how many recharges per year would be necessary depending on the region of the globe where you live and the daily distance you travel. For example, in the Paris region and on the basis of a daily journey of 45 km, it would take three annual recharges, according to the simulator.


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