Art Conclusion Appeal 25 Years Expo Final Presentation

Urban Monsters: The Edgy Japanese Folkloric Fiction of Yukimi Ogawa

General meeting of the International Bureau of Exposition on the 23rd Exposition to decide the venue for the 2025 International Expo (World Expo). Japan, aiming for holding in Osaka, appointed female pianists and others at the final presentation and appealed to the Member States again the idea of bringing together the latest technologies. Azerbaijan emphasized the significance of “first holding”.

The final presentation that began around noon on 23rd (Japan time around 8 p.m.) at the international conference hall in Paris. Japan first appeared, First of all, Economy, Trade and Industry, Kosuke Hirose said, “Osaka is ready to enjoy the Expo with you,” and will provide government financial support to countries centered on developing countries I emphasized the policy again.

Introducing Japanese people who have won the Nobel Prize in the past in the past and appealing high technical power. She said that it would make the World Expo a state-of-the-art experiment site for the achievement of the “Sustainable Development Targets (SDGs)” established by the United Nations.

Panasonic executive officers and world-class pianists Riko Ogawa and others introduced the support of developing countries through solar power generation lanterns. When the Japanese culture was also promoted and images such as sushi flowed, the venue showed excitement.

Prior to presenting Azerbaijan, citizens of the capital city of Baku attended the schedule of plans concerning the attraction activities. “I want to create an expo that makes use of knowledge and wisdom from the world,” he said, and appealed to the significance of holding in emerging countries different from Japan and Russia. I introduced images of urban areas growing with oil money as the background, and the vibrant country full of young people. Also detailed animation of the venue prediction diagram is shown, highlighting feasibility.

Approximately 160 countries are expected to have voting rights. If it is not possible to get two-thirds by the first vote, it will go to the top two voters in the top two countries. According to officials of the attraction committee, Japan has established commitment to support in writing, etc. from about 70 countries, and it is likely to proceed to the final ballot.

The two rival countries are in the former Soviet bloc region, which is disadvantageous to Japan if the countries supporting the two countries are brought together by a finale ballot. The senior official of the attraction committee says, “Whether winning a vote in the final presentation will affect victory or defeat.”

At the BIE general meeting three presentations were held after June 17, 2005. In Japan, world-class research institutes gather and PR the Kansai’s charm where a variety of traditional culture remains. In November 18, 2006, the Nobel laureates Shinya Yamanaka and the director of iPS cell research laboratories at Kyoto University appealed to the idea to make use of advanced technology, and government assistance of about 24 billion yen is also launched mainly in developing countries It was.

Initially France was also a candidate for Expo 2005, but declined due to financial concerns. European countries that were supposed to support the country increased their weights as “floating votes” and became grass-cutting grounds for three candidate countries. Japan has supported the UK and others, but there are views that Russia and Azerbaijan have expanded their support in the context of economic cooperation relations and geographical connections.