As a Professional Woman Weight Loss can be Very Simple

With these four essentials, weight loss can be very simple!
Does the idea of ​​losing weight often come to your mind?

But when you want to actually implement it, you always have the idea of ​​not being able to improve or “starting tomorrow”?
In fact, if you want to achieve your weight loss goal, whether you are a professional woman or a housewife you only need to grasp a few major principles.
Whether you are at home or in the office, you can gradually reduce your weight gently and easily!

Start with “time”

Don’t eat at the wrong time!
Except for the three meals, I solemnly told myself that I would never eat the fourth meal.
For example, afternoon tea and midnight snacks are all extra calories for weight-loss people who care about grams.
There are also people who try not to eat after six o’clock, but they need to measure their health before proceeding.

What can you eat at breakfast to help you lose weight?
An egg for breakfast can not only supplement high-quality protein, but also because of the longer digestion time,
So it can also reduce hunger!

In terms of calories, hard-boiled eggs have lower calories than fried eggs or omelets!

Smartly “choose” food

Wrong food, don’t touch it!
Sugary drinks and sweets are definitely the enemy of weight loss, including milk tea for breakfast sets.
Or the Yakult and winter melon tea that comes with the lunch box. Foods that are too greasy must also be screened out.
For example, fried food, tempting butter in pastries, etc., all of which require your own willpower and restraint!

When you want to drink a drink, drink sugar-free soy milk instead
Soy milk also has a lot of protein, so it makes people feel full and lasting.
A cup of 500cc of sugar-free soy milk has about 300 calories, and some doctors recommend that soy milk can be used as breakfast directly.
However, it is recommended to choose a traditional soy milk store with good credit when buying soy milk. The slurry is purer.
In order to increase the rich taste, some unscrupulous people may add starchy ingredients.

Three choices of fat fruits: apples, guavas, small tomatoes
These three fruits have the same characteristics, that is, low sugar and high fiber, and can help metabolism.
Sweet apples are actually not high in calories, and rich in nutrients, and can bring a feeling of fullness!
The sweetest part of guava lies in the seeds. If you only eat the pulp, the calories are lower, which can increase gastrointestinal motility.
Small tomatoes are low-calorie fruits, and contain lycopene and vitamin A, which can supplement vitamins for dieters.

Gentle “exercise” can also be thin

Hurry up and take it easy as shopping!
For those who do not exercise regularly and want to lose weight, easy-to-use, gentle and simple exercises,
Is the best choice, brisk walking is a very good aerobic exercise,
But it is best to go with a diet, the effect of weight loss will be better.
If you have enough time on the roads where you would have to take the bus, you might as well go out early.
Choose your favorite music and dance music, and embark on your own brisk walking time!
Remember, brisk walking takes more than 30 minutes to burn fat.

A meat-cutting exercise that can be done at home!
Summer is coming. If you want to wear a cool sleeveless top, remember to create slender and slender arms at home.
Show healthy and well-proportioned arms. And the legs that women care about most can get rid of thigh fat with simple movements.
Regardless of whether you are an office worker or a housewife, don’t waste your sitting time! In fact, you can slim down while sitting!
Don’t forget to exercise before going to bed, and grasp the time before you fall asleep in bed.
First do simple exercises to flatten the lower abdomen, and then stretch before going to bed~ to make elephant legs beautiful legs.

Cultivate weight loss “psychology”

‧Measure your weight in the morning and evening
Weight is like a child. You need to care about it from time to time to grow, but weight needs negative growth!
When you start to pay attention to the up and down numbers of 0.5 kg, it means that you really want to lose weight.
If you find that your weight has increased slightly today, you can immediately adjust the calories you eat next day to keep your weight down!

Set a goal for yourself
Dreams are the most beautiful, but for dieters, this dream is best an actual event, which will make people more motivated to achieve it!
For example, two months will be the family travel day of the husband’s company. In order to appear beautifully in front of the husband’s colleagues,

It is a very practical goal. Don’t set unreachable goals,
It is recommended to imagine three stages of near, middle and far to break through.
For example, short range: lose two kilograms a month;
Mid-range: lose one kilogram in another half a month;
Long-distance: Revert to the Miao-tiao figure before pregnancy.

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