Asia Stock Markets: Lenovo Break Down

The East Asian stock markets have again posted levies at the end of the trading week.

The markets were weighed down by negative US targets, especially in the technology sector. According to media reports, Beijing has snoop chips into servers used by Amazon and Apple. However, both US tech giants rejected this decidedly. As a result, Lenovo’s shares fell 15.3 percent in Hong Kong and even dropped as much as 20 percent in early trading.

In addition, the trade conflict between the USA and China became more in focus again. US Vice President Mike Pence had accused China of influencing elections and a targeted campaign against US President Donald Trump. China is making “unprecedented” efforts to “influence public opinion in the US before the November congressional election,” Pence said. The goal of Beijing is ultimately a change of power in the White House. Meanwhile, China has rejected the allegations sharply.