Auteco Mobility will Bring More than 6 Models of Electric Cars in 2021

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Auteco Mobility, which already has more than half a dozen vehicle models in the electric market, expects to have three new private vehicles on the market, of which two will be familiar, one from the medium segment and the other an SUV from the premium segment.

In charge, two new references of electric trucks with gearbox will arrive and they will also offer two versions of each model, although they arrive with a complete kit of equipment, customers will be able to have more battery capacity and analytical telemetry.

Likewise, at the end of the year they will have two models of pick up, double electric cab.

These announcements are made by Javier Alfonso Bohorquez, president of Auteco Mobility, who comments that his plant operates at 100% and the administrative staff does so at 60% of its capacity (for motorcycle production).

The company that this year celebrates its 80 years of existence has been recognized for the production and commercialization of motorcycles of different brands, however, its president affirms that “today the tires are not the limit”, in a clear allusion to the expansion of your core business.

“Now we are looking at 18 wheels,” says Javier Alfonso Bohorquez, president of Auteco Mobility, highlighting that in any case “it will be clean mobility” and this 2021 is the year of strong presence in that market.

And they are not kidding, they recently presented their first ZD D2S citi car, electric for two passengers and already have on the market a JAC Electric double cab electric pickup, Dongfeng electric vans, Stark trucks up to 4 tons and the Zhidou and Ceronte brands.

As the philosophy of the brand is to solve the client’s need, they are currently carrying out several projects with important Colombian companies to provide an adequate solution. The history already leaves them with 250 cargo cars, vans and trucks placed in the Colombian market.

The request of cargo business customers is the same: “I need a truck that starts on a slope of up to 25 ° that does not crash, and that when it is downhill I can have it with a box not only with a brake pedal”, and Bohorquez He describes it proudly: “with our Chinese allies we managed to develop the product requested by the national company, we have trucks that are electric, but with gearboxes and that every day demonstrate their efficiency at work.”

Part of the success in entering this market is explained by the fact of making alliances with truck producers and with companies that are internationally recognized for the quality of their machines for work in Colombia, “today for example we have an alliance with Kenworth de la Montaña, we also made alliances with companies that share their equipment needs with us ”, explains the manager.

“In this way today we work on different projects, which respond to the needs of each client, when they have their non-polluting machines, the country will realize the advantages of this modality”, notes the president of Auteco Mobility.


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