Banco Inter Prepares Launch of Personal Loan with Payment Via Card

A new feature was announced by the payment superintendent of the digital bank during a live on the Seu Credito Digital portal.

Banco Inter is preparing the launch of a personal credit that allows the payment of bills via credit card, an unprecedented product in the market.

The news was announced by the Digital Bank‘s Payment Means Superintendent, Wagner Ferreira, during a live with the Seu Credito Digital portal. There is still no information on interest rates or other conditions.

Banco Inter credit card
Fintech has been gaining more and more space in the market, and the credit card is one of the products most sought after by its customers. The reason is that the digital bank tends to be generous when it comes to releasing limits, offering up to R $ 1,000 to new users, who often get only a R $ 50 limit on competing companies.

Ferreira anticipated that the launch of the personal loan should take place in May. Inter wants to offer an option more easily both when hiring and when paying off the debt.

“We are trying to create a type of personal credit associated with the card. So it’s as if the customer buys the loan and pays it in installments on the card. Probably between April and May we can launch this product again”, he added.

To watch the live moment in which the credit card loan was announced, watch this video on the YouTube platform.