Bayer Share: Next Hurdle 50.0% Retracement

Finally, another hurdle was reached. This is the 50.0% retracement at EUR 56.78. The first attempt to break out failed a week ago. Bayer shares had to withdraw.

A few days ago, the bottom of the aforementioned downward gap at EUR 48.51 prevented the prices from plummeting.

There was also backing from the increasing exponential 13-, 21-, 34- and 55-day lines at EUR 53.82 / 51.35.

For a continuation of the upward movement, the 50.0% fibonacci level should be broken significantly. Only then would the important 61.8% retracement at EUR 60.76 be the next target. Above this level there would then be the probability that the starting point of the underlying downward movement at EUR 73.63 by the end of June 2020 would be possible.

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