Beer Glass, can Independently Call the Waiter

Air, breathe out the attackers, settles on objects – such as a phone headset. These microscopic particles are collected for analysis and study. It is believed that the main challenge of the new method – to keep the crime scene intact until the arrival of experts. Perhaps now the investigators team will work on the crime scene in the special masks and clothing. Police spokesman until set quite skeptical about the new method.

Asteroid more than 1 kilometer and weighing up to 10 milliardov tones can fall back to Earth March 16, 2880. According to the calculations, which are conducted at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, the probability of this event – a chance to three hundred. Never has the risk of a collision with a large asteroid was not so big. Collision can cause huge fires, tsunamis and even climate change on the planet. However, in the earth’s history were accidents and worse – an asteroid, followed by the fall of the dinosaurs, it was 16 times greater. However, it is necessary to report that the most likely outcome of the meeting space is to ensure that the Earth and the asteroid will approach 290 thousand kilometers and to miss. In addition, over 878 years, people have come up with something.

After 10 years, it will be a three-dimensional crystals of the TV, as well as a supercomputer, which will be the most powerful of today’s millions of times and will keep billions of times more information. Similar to the TV device will create a three-dimensional image. The research team of the University of California Los Angeles invented device with which it is possible to control the interaction of transparent crystalline materials in the solid and liquid states. Rays of light carrying information and images passing through these materials can take any form, as part of the crystals change their brightness and color.

Japanese scientists have developed a beer glass, which can independently call the waiter if it ends with a beer. Concern Engineers «Mitsubishi» built into the bottom of the cup microprocessor and a radio transmitter, and in the wall – a transparent foil, which acts as a condenser. If the cup is emptied, the device sends a radyosygnal bar. Each glass has its own number, and the waiter knows he has to go to any table. According to Ronald Cole, a specialist in the field of catering at the University of Delaware, electronic Cup waits a huge success, as it was a long wait waiter perceived by visitors as a major weakness of service.