Benefits of Celery for Health

Celery  is often used as a condiment, but it actually has many unexpected and amazing benefits!

Celery is not only rich in calcium and potassium ions, but also has many nutrients. Moderate consumption is good for lowering blood pressure, protecting the cardiovascular system, and strengthening bones. Therefore, it is also called “kitchen medicine” and also called “medicinal celery” in ancient times. And the unique apigenin component in celery, which is a phytochemical present in celery, helps eliminate free radicals in the body and reduces inflammation. Here are 6 amazing benefits of celery!

6 benefits of celery
1. Anti-inflammatory

Celery contains antioxidants and polysaccharides, these substances can play an anti-inflammatory effect, especially flavonoids and polyphenol antioxidants. Studies have shown that these substances can resist the damage of free radicals, thereby supporting the overall health of the body, especially as people age.

2. Relieve bloating

Celery contains polyphenols, and has high water and fiber content, which helps to improve the digestive system and reduce abdominal distension and edema.

3. Prevent ulcers

Celery contains a special type of ethanol extract that can be used to protect the lining of the digestive tract and prevent ulcers from forming in the stomach or small intestine. But it should be noted that if you have ulcers, try to avoid eating, because the high fiber content will cause a burden on the stomach.

4. It may protect the liver

In one study, when rats were fed celery (as well as chicory and barley), the amount of dangerous fat accumulation in the liver was reduced, and liver enzyme function and blood lipid levels were also improved. Researchers found that in this particular study, the more celery, chicory, and barley given to rats, the better their liver health.

Although it has not been proven in Western medicine that it has a clear liver-protecting effect on the human body, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, celery can calm the liver and soothe the nerves, help liver-qi circulation and metabolism, and enhance the liver’s detoxification ability.

5. Prevent urinary tract infections

Celery helps reduce uric acid and stimulates the production of urine, so it is beneficial for fighting bacterial infections in the digestive tract and reproductive organs, so it can prevent urinary tract infections.

6. Lower cholesterol

Celery contains butylphthalide (3-n-butylphthalide or NBP) compound, which is one of the chemical components in celery oil, and it is reported to have a lipid-lowering effect. In addition, the rich dietary fiber of celery can reduce the absorption of cholesterol. What’s more, the two components “Apigenin” and “Coumarin” have the effects of inhibiting platelet aggregation and preventing thrombosis, which can keep blood vessels open and prevent blood vessel blockage.

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Celery  is often used as a condiment, but it actually has many unexpected and amazing benefits!

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