Best-Selling Cars in Mexico in 2020

Last year a Nissan model led sales in the Mexican market; however, Chevrolet managed to place two of its models in second and third place.

In 2020, the automotive industry, like others, suffered a drop in sales with long ago not seen, also the production of cars was interrupted by different lapses that today many brands continue to suffer due to lack of supplies. Despite still being in this complicated pandemic situation, brands have also continued with the strategy of renewing their products and this has also helped the sales of certain products to benefit. We recommend: Car dealerships close 2020 with a drop of almost 28% in sales The sales trend, as in previous years, has looked very similar, since brands such as Nissan continue to hold the lead with a wide range of products in the entry and light load transport segments such as the Pickup. Likewise, priorities when buying a car have also changed, now buyers of the best-selling cars in Mexico pay more attention to these points primarily: fuel consumption, design, product quality, insurance and maintenance.

Following the trend of the year 2020, last December the Nissan brand was consolidated in the first place and with several models within the Top 10 sales. Here are the best-selling models in Mexico during 2020:

1) Nissan March (38,383 units sold)

2) Chevrolet Aveo (31,219 units sold)

3) Chevrolet Beat (28,338 units sold)

4) Volkswagen Vento (26,767 units sold)

5 ) KIA RIO Sedan (22,193 units sold)

6) Nissan NP 300 (44,577 units sold)

7) Nissan Versa (68,013 units sold)

8) Chevrolet Onix (25,283 units sold)

9) Volkswagen Jetta (20,704 units sold)

10) Nissan Sentra (16,825 units sold

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