Beverage Companies are Focusing on the Booming Carbonated Water

Demand for unsweetened carbonated water as a split material has increased due to the highball boom in the latter half of the 2000s, and recently, due to health consciousness such as calorie separation and sugar separation, “direct drinking” and “straight drinking” are taken as they are. Demand is increasing. According to Coca-Cola Japan, the market growth rate for the past three years has grown by nearly 20%, reaching a market size of about 200 billion yen.

Coca-Cola System, which wants to establish a position in the ever-expanding carbonated water market, will release the strongest carbonated water “IC Spark from Canada Dry” in the history of Coca-Cola Japan from May 10th. There are two types of lineup: “Icy Spark” (500ml PET / tax not included 121 yen, etc.) and “Icy Spark Lemon” (490ml PET / tax not included 121 yen, etc.) using frozen lemon peel extract. It will be deployed in all channels such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and vending machines. As a new option in the ever-expanding carbonated water market.

At the product launch on May 6, Park Hidetoshi of the Marketing Division of Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd. spoke about the needs for carbonated water as follows. “When we started the development of carbonated water, we focused on the voices of current carbonated water users. There are two main points that we learned through careful consumer research. The fundamental value of carbonated water. “I want to refresh with a really strong carbonic acid stimulus.” Also, there are many products on the market, but all of them appeal to strong carbonic acid, and “it is difficult to know which one to choose.” However, based on such consumer voices, we will develop a new carbonated water brand that has a fundamental value as carbonated water, but also has a unique differentiating factor that is the decisive factor for consumers to choose at the time of purchase. I decided to try. ”

Then, Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd. introduced a new product “IC Sparkling” that reviewed the product process and prescription. In general, a gas such as carbon dioxide has a characteristic that the lower the temperature of water, the easier it is to dissolve. Coca-Cola Japan paid attention to its properties, improved the cooling process during manufacturing by “cooling spark technology”, and succeeded in press-fitting the highest gas volume ever, which is the strongest in the history of Coca-Cola Japan. It is said that it was possible to develop sugar-free strong carbonated water.

Park says: “We will clarify the selection criteria that are easy to understand when choosing from the consumer’s point of view, that the strongest gas volume carbonated water in history was born from Coca-Cola Japan, which is famous for carbonated drinks. Carbonated water that seeks refreshment and refreshment by strong stimulation We would like to meet the expectations of water users and propose new carbonated water selection criteria to consumers. “