Biden Sows The First Seed for his Ambitious Investment in Sustainable Infrastructure in the US

US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris met Thursday in the Oval Office with a bipartisan group of senators from the Committee on the Environment and Public Works, with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg also participating virtually.

This meeting aimed to begin to debate the critical need to invest in modern and sustainable infrastructure. This is just one of the many meetings that the Administration plans to hold before putting a concrete investment plan on the table, which could exceed several trillion dollars.

Today there is a mutual understanding between Democrats and Republicans about the need to increase public works and infrastructure development in urban and rural areas with the aim of creating millions of well-paying jobs in addition to supporting the country’s economic recovery. .

It is important to remember that one of the pillars of the Democratic trifecta is focused on infrastructure and the environment. To his American Rescue Plan, the stimulus of 1.9 billion dollars that is being finalized at the moment, the tenant of the White House wants to add a second initiative: his “Recovery Plan to Rebuild Better.” A batch of proposals aimed at creating long-term employment.

In this way, Biden’s economic agenda seeks to invest at least another $ 2 trillion in infrastructure and green energy projects, such as high-speed trains, charging stations for electric vehicles or a broad improvement in access to broadband in the whole country. Initiatives that some Republicans might be interested in.

Much of this effort could begin to become a reality as early as the end of the year with the aim of accelerating the economy and delivering on the promise of boosting infrastructure spending, especially geared towards driving the transition to a carbon-free economy for mid-2030s.

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