Bitcoin Breaks The Barrier of 30,000 US Dollars

Bitcoin breaks the barrier of 30,000 US dollars and reaps the benefits of the global economic crises … Digital currencies have imposed themselves as a safe haven for investors against the risks of the Corona virus on the global economy.

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin continues to reap the benefits of the crises that are still resulting from the emergence of the new Corona virus around the world, as cryptocurrencies were able to impose themselves as an alternative to traditional currencies, and thus the confidence of investors looking for safe havens.

The digital currency recorded 30,000 US dollars, and experts expect it to break the 30,000 dollar barrier by the end of this week, as Bloomberg attributed the rise in digital currencies to the outbreak of the Corona virus, which greatly helped the digital boom in most areas.

At this level, Bitcoin achieved new record gains and recorded the highest level in its history, weeks after the previous figure of $ 20,000, driven by the large turnout on the part of large institutions and companies to accept currency trading..

“This is the domino effect as asset managers flip their portfolios into bitcoin,” said Crypto Compare CEO Charles Hayter.

The CEO and co-founder of the online investment platform eToro says that $ 20,000 is undoubtedly a milestone for Bitcoin, we have witnessed a major shift in the demographics of those interested and investing in cryptocurrencies. It is no longer the domain of only computer programmers and fintech advocates.

Major Wall Street firms like S&P Global and Cboe Global Markets are making a big push in crypto market data services, with S&P Dow Jones Indices recently announcing plans to launch crypto indices in 2021.

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