Blockchain and Artificial Technology will Change

US CB Insights (New York) analyzes trends in global startups and the latest technology. When ranking translated articles of the company published in 2019 in the order of reading, the next generation technology such as blockchain (distributed ledger), artificial meat, unmanned cash register, 5G (next generation communication standard) will give business and life Articles summarizing the impact are listed at the top.

Nihon Keizai Shimbun has a business alliance with CB Insights (New York), which surveys and analyzes trends in startup companies and venture capital investing in them. The company’s reports on startups and technologies are translated into Japanese and published twice a week in the Nikkei electronic version.
An analysis of unlisted companies with a corporate value of more than $ 1 billion, Unicorn, has also been read frequently. An article predicting the management difficulties of the We Company, which operates the US share office “We Work”, was discovered in the postponement of listing in September, and ranked 9th. The article, published in May, entitled “The Alchemy and Dangers of Giant Unicorns, U.S. We Work,” highlights the company’s constantly expensive business structure with careful analysis.