Blockchain Platform to be Used During Popular Consultation in Venezuela

The coronavirus will lead the sector to its umpteenth reinvention while going through its stage: “The most prepared will have the most options to survive”.

The opposition in Venezuela will implement the Voatz voting system supported by blockchain technology, during the popular consultation that will take place this next month of 2020, in the region. So I hate to know, the digital communication medium Efecto Cocuyo, through its web portal.

The organizers of the popular consultation that supports the Venezuelan National Asamblea, headed by Juan Guaido, ensuring 99.99%, of confidentiality of identity through the Voatz digital voting system, in view of the present fear of some Venezuelan citizens from losing the enjoyment of social benefits.

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This platform was chosen, according to the plan of the organizing committee, after the study and analysis of 16 companies, over a period of three weeks. The selection was carried out, taking into account that the platform could comply with the lapses scheduled to carry out the consultation (from the 7th to the 12th of December) and with the austere cost requirements that reflect the reality of this country.

How it works
The Venezuelan citizen, who wanted to express his voluntary via virtual, using the Voatz platform, must first install the application on a mobile device and continue with the steps to register with the system.

Then, the elector must validate the identification (the platform requires taking a photo on the Venezuelan passport), and once the verification process is complete, all identification information will be deleted to protect the personal information of the elector.

Once you are verified as a registered voter, you will access the digital ballot and answer all three questions that are presented and send your answers using biometric data, the PIN user security, and finally, the platform will provide a user code , which is the constancy of participation in the voting process.

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The ingeniero Horacio Medina, member of the organizing committee, said that he would like to enable digital devices in the presentials that will expand outside.

As a matter of fact, according to the article, the director of Venezolans in the world, Luis Lopez, says that he will be installed at least 246 in person in 20 countries: Argentina (4); Aruba (10); Bonaire (1); Curazao (2); Trinidad and Tobago (2); Bolivia (7); Chile (75); Colombia (6); Costa Rica (1); Ecuador (10); United States (40); Guatemala (1); Honduras (1); Panama (5); Paraguay (1); Peru (30); Mexico (not yet defined) and Dominican Republic (20). There is also a reference, that in these same countries 2,749 itinerant / virtual points will qualify.

As for the subject of face-to-face participation, the organizers have explained that the information on the electors will be recorded in physical voting books (books), but with the salvation, that the minds will be destroyed once the information in the system is vacated.

Venezuela technologically limited
One factor to bear in mind is the vulnerability that currently exists in the Caribbean country with respect to the technological sector, which, ingenious Horacio Medina, ensures that access to cellular devices and the internet is a major limitation today. Venezuela.

Therefore, it estimates that in the country there are 23 million cell phones, of which 80 per smartphone, but only 50 per smartphone, according to the organizing committee member, admitting the download of the platform application. Voatz digital voting system.

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Before this situation, Horacio Medina, highlights that a web page will be enabled, from which people can access the system from their computers.

“There is a problem with the collapse of cellular technology and the internet in Venezuela, because the digital consultation extends to five days during the 24 hours,” says the ingenier Horacio Medina.

About Voatz
Voatz, is an American company, founded in Boston, in 2015, and carried out more than 160 selections in different counties and states in the United States.

The digital voting platform, adopts the most cutting-edge technology, so that people can exercise their right, safely from any place and the organizers can manage the options with ease.

The system integrates, the security of smart phones, remote identity verification, biometric and blockchain technology, to insure your information and your vote.

Blockchain digital voting system
Various organizations and countries have made great efforts to encourage the use of blockchain technology in electronic voting, as a means of guaranteeing the principles of suffrage, however, this redesign of the entire electoral process, since this process has traditionally been centralized. Whatever happens, that this adoption of blockchain technology will continue to depend on values, social structure, politics and the degree of democracy existing in these.

I recently opened this context of digital suffrage, the President of the National Chamber of Commerce of Bolivia (CNC-Bolivia), Rolando Kempff, announced that the virtual vote, which will take place this June 25, 2020 in this country, for renew your directory, it was satisfactory with the application of blockchain technology.

I stressed that this technology, enabled entrepreneurs to exercise their right to vote, in a safe and transparent manner, in addition to promoting greater participation, as well as registering a 60% increase in participation in comparison with past elections.

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For its part, Rusia informed the launch of the Exonum platform, based on this technology. The objective was that the State through this platform guarantees citizens that they vote during constitutional elections, in the main cities of the country such as Moscow and Nizhniy, transparency, security and the immutability of their data during this voting process. However, as previously mentioned in the Cointelegraph, the platform presented some problems at the time of its implementation.

Asimismo, the governor of Korea of ​​the South, manifesto that will implement the technology of block block, to establish a system of voting in line combined with a service of digital identity (DID), also supported in blockchain, that is directed to the residents of apartments from all over the country.

The head of the government of this Seocho-gu region, seeks to establish a secure and transparent voting system that is resistant to manipulation, in order to offer effective results in the next 2022 election process.


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