BMW 500X Becomes A Convertible as “Yachting”

The so-called “Hybrid Charger System” for BMW models is said to be a world first
How do you normally charge car engines in favor of more power? Well, either by turbo (several of which are welcome) or by compressor. The company Infinitas from Gachenbach in Upper Bavaria is now relying on an unusual solution and mixing both concepts.


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The manufacturer specializes primarily in uncompromising performance enhancements for the top M models from BMW. Now Infinitas is bringing a spectacular world first for the famous S55B30 engine, the biturbo in-line six-cylinder from all M3 and M4 models up to the brand new M3 / M4 (these use the S58), the F8x series as well as the M2 Competition and M2 CS ( F87): the so-called Hybrid Charger System.

The system is the first series-produced system of its kind and was developed with the specialists from ASA-Kompressoren. It gives the S55 engine a combination of compressor and biturbo charging, with the compressor upstream of the OEM turbochargers. In this way, it pre-compresses the air before it reaches the turbocharger, thus laying the foundation for a higher boost pressure in all operating areas, which results in the engine being filled with a larger air mass.

In addition, the turbo lag is significantly smaller, the torque is earlier due to the earlier boost pressure build-up and the throttle response and the engine’s response behavior are also better. Of course, the upgrade is also unmistakable, after all, according to the manufacturer, it ensures a significantly more powerful sound, including the unmistakable, characteristic sound of the compressor.

Of course, the assembly of the Hybrid Charger System ensures a significant increase in performance. The smallest expansion stage, in which the S55 increases to 600 HP and 800 Nm, which corresponds to an increase of 100 to 190 HP and 200 to 250 Nm depending on the base vehicle, is already fully developed and available for registration with a TÜV certificate.

The kit includes an ASA T6 compressor specially developed for this purpose, including an oil supply via the engine oil circuit and an extended belt drive, a new air duct with a sports air filter, large-volume cast aluminum pipes, a cast aluminum intercooler between the compressor and the turbochargers and reprogrammed engine control software including raising the V-Max limit.

There is also a new water expansion tank as well as other small and assembly materials. The prices of this entry-level SK1 version of the Hybrid Charger System start at 6,998 euros plus 2,112 euros assembly costs including 19 percent VAT. Manufacture packages for further customization are also available for an additional charge.

But SK1 is just the beginning: In addition, Infinitas is currently developing four further expansion stages for an even more significant increase in performance of the M2, M3 and M4, which in the strongest variants allow a top speed of well over 330 km / h.

With SK2, for which a TÜV certificate is currently in preparation, the S55 unit has 700 HP and 900 Nm. Above it are SK2CS, which provides 800 PS and 900 Nm, SK3, in which the twin-turbo in-line six-cylinder has 900 PS and 1,000 Nm, and the absolute top SK3RR: It pushes the M top athletes to an impressive 1,000 PS and 1,100 Nm. From level SK2CS, reinforced engine components are also included in the upgrade.